Smart eye announces one of its OEMs – BMW

Smart Eye announces one of its original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the BMW. A corporation that has, due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, not been named until now. 

2019 bmw x5 - i-Micronews

The first two car models that are released and includes Smart Eye’s Driver Monitoring System (DMS) are the new BMW X5 and the BMW 8 series. Deliveries of the BMW X5 and the BMW 8 series started during the fall of 2018.

Smart Eye’s DMS technology will aid gaining insights into the driver’s attention state, focus and drowsiness on the road, understanding and assisting the driver in necessary situations, fulfilling the criteria of the new EU car safety agenda.

Smart Eye is proud to be an entrusted partner for the future generation of semi-autonomous cars together with the BMW, paving the way for a high-quality and safe drive.