STRATACACHE to build the first MicroLED production line in the US, mass production expected by 2023

Global digital signage solution provider STRATACACHE is embarking on a project to construct a microLED display production line in Eugene, Oregon. The company aims to start production in this fab at around 2022-2023, with plans to adopt these microLED displays in its own solutions.

The new factory (E4) will be a complete microLED production line, from epiwafer (on 300 mm silicon wafers), through transfer process and to final module assembly. The company plans to produce a wide range of displays, from tablet-sized panels to large-area displays. Some of these displays will be flexible and transparent as the company sees a market demand for such technologies. The yearly capacity of the E4 is expected to start at a 1 million square meters per year.

STRATACACHE sees this as its first US MicroLED fab, with more fabs to follow in the future in the US and Internationally, which can be highly strategic for the US Tech industry as it will bring complete display production capabilities to the US and other countries and break the Asian Display Cartel. The company’s fabs will be able to supply both components level products and complete display products to third party customers. STRATACACHE is looking for domestic and global technology partners and suppliers for the new fab.

In March 2020, STRATACACHE acquired a 1.5 million square foot factory, formerly used by Hynix Semiconductor to produce memory chips on 200 mm wafers. This facility, located in Eugene, Oregon, is approximately 100 miles away from the Intel Hillsboro fab and R&D cluster, which has over 20,000 employees in semiconductor fab operations – from which the company hopes to attract talent.