Taiwanese manufacturers are expecting an increase in OLED production and demand

As the demand for OLED displays continues to grow, Taiwanese manufacturers are stepping up to the plate and adjusting their business structures for increased production. Many companies, such as AU Optronics and Novatek Microelectronics, are expecting a massive boom in OLED sales and are more than willing to provide the necessary supply. OLED displays are slowly trickling into every device market in the personal electronics industry, and some Taiwanese manufacturers are expecting that trickle to turn into a flood this year.

As Digitimes reports, many Taiwanese display companies are expecting a boom in demand for OLED panels and are adjusting their supply accordingly.Oled yole

According to sources familiar with the matter, Sharp (a subsidiary brand of the Foxconn) is trying to join Apple’s supply chain, specifically for OLED displays used in higher-end iPhones. Other companies, like AU Optronics, are planning on ramping up production for Android smartphones, particularly those from OEMs interested in AU Optronics’ flexible OLED displays.

The expected growth in demand for OLED displays is also bringing newcomers to the market. Both Novatek Microelectronics and Himax Technologies, two Taiwanese integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers, are making plans to enter the OLED market this year. Their entry will focus more on the driver ICs for OLED displays that allow the device to actually interface with the panel. Novatek is expecting to ship 50 million driver ICs specifically for OLED screens, specifically those used in Android devices. Shipments are expected to grow to 80 million driver ICs by the end of 2020.

It’s not just Taiwanese companies that are seeing green in OLED displays. China-based BOE Technology and Tianma Micro-electronics are both seeing a growth in their OLED production yield rates, and LG has stated that OLED displays account for 10% of total revenue for their display market.

OLED is in high demand, and it looks like several suppliers are more than happy to meet it.