Vestas turbines to feature nacelle LiDAR

Fred. Olsen Renewables places order with ZX Lidars for integrated nacelle wind Lidars on every turbine at the 105 MW Högaliden Wind Farm

Fred. Olsen Renewables, a global developer, owner and operator of renewable energy assets has confirmed its most recent order of turbines features nacelle Lidar for both wind farm performance optimization and total wind farm control.

The Vestas V150-4.2 MW wind turbine for Högaliden Wind Farm utilizes a permanently integrated ZX TM wind Lidar to accurately and remotely assess wind conditions at multiple ranges ahead and – importantly – across the entire rotor diameter giving Fred. Olsen Renewables and Vestas a platform for best-in-class turbine performance assessments, turbine tuning and wind farm control.

We expect all our future projects to feature nacelle mounted Lidar wind measurement” commented Øyvind Lund, Project Director at Fred. Olsen Renewables. “High resolution wind data ahead of the turbine, representative of what the whole turbine rotor will see, allows Fred. Olsen Renewables as the wind farm owner to make informed decisions on how we optimize operation of our energy assets. We thank Vestas and ZX Lidars for their commitment to this project. ”

ZX TM, a nacelle-based wind Lidar, measures the full shear and veer wind profile of a wind turbine, accurately and automatically detecting complex flow conditions such as wakes generated within a wind farm. Wind data gathered remotely in the free stream, in the turbine induction zone and across the wind farm is used to benchmark performance of individual turbines in order to tune each turbine, to the net benefit of the wind farm –treating the wind farm as a true energy production plant.

ZX Lidars provides vertical and horizontal profiling wind Lidar to accurately measure wind conditions remotely and ahead of their installed position. These accurate, independent wind measurements are a cornerstone in the development, construction and operation of wind farms globally.