Western Digital and Unisplendour celebrate new joint venture company

Unis-WDC Storage to market and sell datacenter storage systems in China Company to host celebratory event at Nanjing Dongjiao State Guest House. Western Digital and Unisplendour (Unis) under Unigroup celebrated the anticipated launch of their previously announced joint venture, which will be called Unis-WDC Storage (UNIS WDC).

The new company is owned 51 percent by Unis and 49 percent by Western Digital. UNIS WDC will market and sell Western Digital’s datacenter storage systems, including its HGST Active Archive system, in China. The joint venture company will also invest in the development of new products and enhancements to Western Digital’s products to create innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of the big data market in China. UNIS WDC will maintain corporate headquarters and R&D operations in Nanjing and a sales and marketing office in Beijing.

UNIS WDC will host a celebratory event at Nanjing Dongjiao State Guest House. Guests include Xie Zhicheng, Deputy Mayor of Nanjing; Weiguo Zhao, Chairman of Tsinghua Unigroup; Steve Milligan, Chief Executive Officer of Western Digital; and Qi Lian, Chief President of Tsinghua Unigroup. Zhang Lei, who has been identified to serve as Chairman of UNIS WDC; and Gary Miao, who has been identified to become Chief Executive Officer of UNIS WDC.

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