CXL: a promising solution to data center memory bottlenecks?

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CXL is reshaping the landscape of memory innovation. Therefore, without doubt, CXL has the potential to revolutionize memory utilization, management, and access in terms of disaggregation and composability. This paradigm change, which already occurred in the 90s for storage, gives birth to a new industry focused on CXL memory fabric software, systems, and services. At Yole Group, analysts announce a US$14 million CXL market by 2023, with primarily prototypes only. This figure should reach about US$16 billion by 2028.

Join Yole Group and Rambus for an exciting online event that’s set to spark an excitement in the semiconductor industry! With this cutting-edge innovation, Yole Group is thrilled to extend this exclusive invitation to all professionals and enthusiasts in the semiconductor field.

For one hour, the market research and strategy consulting company invites you to discover the status of CXL technology and its underlying ecosystem and related business opportunities.

This program welcomes Rambus, a leading CXL memory company, to deliver its vision of the industry and highlight CXL technology’s assets:

Danny Moore RAMBUS
Danny Moore, Marketing & Applications Director, CXL Processing Solutions at Rambus.
“CXL continues to build momentum as a key technology that will transform memory in the data center. As a leading member in the broad CXL ecosystem, Rambus is committed to the development of solutions that will accelerate the adoption of CXL technology providing greater levels of data center performance and scalability.”

This online event promises to unveil leading-edge insights and discuss emerging market and technology trends. This program provides a dedicated opportunity for networking with industry memory experts.


  • Yole Group’s introduction

Emilie Jolivet, Director, Semiconductor, Manufacturing & Computing at Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group

  • CXL might just be the key to turn today’s server memory challenges into a US$15 billion opportunity by 2028.

Thibault Grossi, Senior Technology & Market analyst at Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group

  • CXL Technology: Revolutionizing the Data Center

Danny Moore, Marketing & Applications Director, CXL Processing Solutions team at Rambus

  • Q&A Session, moderated by Emilie Jolivet

Today, CXL is in its very early stages of deployment, with the first server CPUs supporting the CXL 1.1 interface – Intel’s Sapphire Rapids and AMD’s Genoa – entering mass production in early 2023.

Thibault Grossi, Senior Technology & Market analyst at Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group
“A significant rise in the market will be seen once the first CXL 2.0 CPUs enter the market. Expected in the second half of 2024, they will enable the implementation of memory pools shared by many servers in the same rack. The ramp-up will be further reinforced with the availability of CXL 3.0 CPU s in late 2025. They are expected to enable memory pooling between racks as well as full disaggregation and composability of accelerators (GPU s, DPU s, FPGA s…) and storage technologies using PCIe.”

This technology directly impacts data centers and DRAM devices. Data center workloads are becoming increasingly complex, requiring more and more computational power and memory to manipulate ever-growing amounts of data. Memory is a very expensive resource, averaging around 30% of the server value in 2022 and forecasted to reach over 40% by 2025. To tackle such issues, novel memory-processor interfaces – complementary to DDR – have been proposed with the aim of optimizing the use of resources and accelerating the execution of data center workloads.

Several technologies competed in this domain; CXL has prevailed and is garnering broad support from the industry. This technology is implemented leveraging the PCIe physical layer, and its objective is to provide cache coherency, disaggregation, and composability of resources in the data center space, with memory being the main driver for its development.

Do not miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of semiconductor technologies. Mark your calendar today and be part of this exciting online event that’s sure to stimulate your knowledge and energize your business and your connections.

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  • CXL : Compute Express Link
  • CPU : Central Processing Unit
  • GPU : Graphics Processing Unit
  • DPU : Data Processing Unit
  • FPGA : Field-Programmable Gate Array
  • PCIe : Peripheral Component Interconnect Express
  • DRAM : Dynamic Random Access Memory
  • DDR : Double Data Rate

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