Will Apple’s entrance lead to a wider adoption of AR and VR?

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OLED-on-Si is expected to gradually penetrate the VR market. Will LCOS and microLED dominate the AR market?


  • In the 2023 – 2029 timeframe, Yole Group expects AR to grow faster than VR.
  • AR and VR technologies differ significantly, particularly in display requirements, impacting their market segmentation…
  • Meta, Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Sony… Tech giants are converging on the AR|VR|MR market, with AR seen as the ultimate consumer market and VR serving as a pathway for credibility and app development.

AR, VR, and MR are closely interconnected, but at present, only AR and VR define the typical technological device models. Despite facing challenges in 2022 and 2023 with YoY losses (-8% and -4%, respectively), there is potential for a resurgence in the market, announces Yole Group in its latest report: Displays and Optics for xReality 2024.

Raphaël Mermet-Lyaudoz Technology and Market Analyst, Display at Yole Group
“This optimism stems from the emergence of advanced VR headsets with VST features such as Meta’s Quest 3 and Apple’s Vision Pro, which could facilitate the utilization of MR applications. These devices offer valuable insights into the future of MR and empower developers to push the boundaries of innovation.”

Apple’s foray into this space reshapes the landscape by providing a comprehensive ecosystem. Looking forward, AR and VR products will concentrate on enriching user experiences and broadening the scope of applications, with artificial intelligence playing a central role. There’s also a promising outlook for AR glasses, which might be rebranded as AI glasses, indicating potential for widespread adoption. Notably, between 2023 and 2029, Yole Group expects the AR microdisplay market to grow at a faster pace (67% CAGR ) than VR (15%).

In this context, Yole Group presents today the Displays and Optics for xReality 2024 report, providing an in-depth understanding of the displays and associated optical vision systems. This analysis provides a comprehensive view of the use of AR glasses and VR headsets. This report also reviews the global display and optics industries for AR and VR, and provides insights into the possible evolution and the necessary technological developments for consumer adoption. What are the key use cases enabled by AR and VR? How do display considerations differ for AR and VR? How do optics and displays entwine? What are the roadblocks? How challenging are they? Discover all the answers and more.

This new report used data from Yole Group’s Apple Vision Pro teardown tracks. Indeed, with over 25 years of experience and access to extensive teardown data, Yole Group’s teams meticulously select and disassemble cutting-edge systems for technology and cost evaluations. Through high-resolution photography, analysts capture detailed component identifications, cost breakdowns, and estimated manufacturer pricing.

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Zine Bouhamri, Ph.D., Team Lead Analyst, Imaging and Display at Yole Group
“AR and VR technologies exhibit notable differences, particularly in their display requirements, which have significant implications for their market segmentation. In the VR realm, performance benchmarks determine the choice of technology, with LCD serving the lower to mid-end segments, while OLED-on-Si dominates the high-end segment, experiencing rapid growth”.

On the other hand, AR’s segmentation is influenced by various factors, including the use cases and maturity of the technology. OLED-on-Si targets specialized markets with limited growth potential, while MEMS technologies such as DLP and LBS encounter challenges in consumer markets but show promise in specific applications. LCOS provides a balanced compromise and is anticipated to be integrated into the first-generation of products of tech giants. Meanwhile, microLED, well-suited for the consumer market, faces obstacles in adoption but foresees substantial growth due to continuous technological advancements and demand from OEMs .

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  • AR : Augmented Reality
  • VR : Virtual Reality
  • MR : Mixed Reality
  • YoY : Year-over-Year
  • AI : Artificial Intelligence
  • CAGR : Compound Annual Growth Rate
  • LCD : Liquid Crystal Display
  • OLED-on-Si : OLED-on-Silicon
  • DLP : Digital Light Processing
  • LBS : Laser Beam Scanning
  • LCOS : Liquid Crystal on Silicon
  • OEM : Original Equipment Manufacturers

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