YG PRESS NEWS – xEV drives Power SiC growth: unveiling the next billion-dollar market

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With the impending advent of the 8-inch era and propelled by investments exceeding US$20 billion, the SiC power devices market is projected to achieve a value of US$9 billion by 2028.

  • The power SiC device market will grow to US$8,906 million in 2028, with a 31% CAGR2022-2028.
  • In 2023, a predominant trend in power SiC involves the shift towards amalgamating power module packaging operations as a means to augment revenue.
  • The arrival of 8-inch SiC presents strategic opportunities, accompanied by impending challenges.

According to Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group, in the Power SiC 2023 report, the growth trajectory of power SiC is being steered by three distinct markets. The largest among them is the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) sector, which holds prominence in terms of both unit volume and market value. Within this realm, the 800V Electric Vehicle (EV) segment emerges as the pivotal point for SiC’s growth acceleration. Forecasts for EV Direct Current (DC) charger deployment align with the rapid upswing in shipments of electric vehicles (xEVs). Particularly noteworthy is SiC’s optimal fit within high-power modular chargers, indicating a forthcoming billion-dollar market for power SiC.

In the domain of energy supply, a market valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars is taking shape, given the escalating number of installations anticipated between 2022 and 2028.

Additionally, other applications such as industrial power supplies, motor drives, and rail contribute to the diverse landscape of power SiC applications… For more information about this analysis, please contact us!

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june 2021

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