Market and Technology Trends

Power Electronics for e-Mobility 2023 – Focus on passenger & light commercial vehicles

By Yole Intelligence

The EV market is approaching the tipping point of replacing ICE, with power electronic semiconductors reaching $9.8B by 2028, enabled by SiC devices


Key Features

  • 2023-2028 forecast for xEV, converters, power modules, and Si/SiC wafers
  • BYD’s success formula in EV
  • Global supply chain in xEV/converter/power electronics, with a focus on China
  • Consumer electronics players in EV
  • Tesla’s potential strategies in -75% SiC
  • New converter topologies/functions in EV
  • SiC MOSFET comprehensive summary
  • Trends in power module packaging (Si IGBT & SiC MOSFET)

What’s new?

BYD’s success formula in EV. Tesla’s potential strategies in -75% SiC. Electrification of last mile delivery. New opportunities in developing countries.


Product objectives

  • WHAT are the key drivers of vehicle electrification
    • 5 long-term and 2 short-term driving forces are identified, with key updates in last year
  • HOW will the market evolve:
    • 6-year rolling forecasts on all levels of the supply chain: xEV à system à device à wafer markets
    • A focus on SiC device/substrate
  • WHAT is the market situation and new opportunities:
    • Detailed supply chain summaries on all levels: market performance, major players, who-supply-to-whom
    • Focus on China, new market entrants from consumer electronics, and the developing world
  • WHAT are the key technologies and business opportunities:
    • Shifting business paradigm enabled by rising new technologies at all levels
    • Thorough review of key technology advances: integration, new functions, 800V, SiC, power module, etc., and possible scenarios on -75% reduction of SiC at Tesla are discussed

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