Market and Technology Trends

Power GaN 2023

By Yole Intelligence

After Infineon’s acquisition of GaN Systems, are the Power GaN ecosystem reshaping to support a $2.04B market by 2028?


Key Features

  • 2018-2028 forecast for power GaN devices revenue and shipment by application, (Munits, $M)
  • 2018-2028 forecast for RF GaN devices revenue breakdown by technology GaN-on-Si and GaN-on-Saphire, by voltage <200V and 600V, and device type Discrete SiP and SoC ($M)
  • 2018-2028 forecast for power GaN wafer units, epiwafer revenue and shipment 6” equivalent and by wafer size, open and captive market. (Munits, $M)
  • Overview of Power GaN, GaN on Si and GaN on Saphire supply chain from Wafer to system, including  a specific focus on Chinese ecosystem.

What’s new?

  • 2018-2028 Power GaN forecasts
  • New identified players

Product Objectives

  • To provide context on the market and forecast in the 2018-2028 timeframe
    • What are the key market drivers for the growing GaN business?
    • What are the GaN market values and volumes, by application and technology?
  • To provide an overall view on the global Power GaN market trends
  • To review the GaN supply chain
    • Players and strategies at different levels of the supply chain
    • Analysis on demand and supply of GaN wafers, focus on capacity
    • Significant events and latest trends of market players
    • Focus on China
  • Technology trends and status of currently available products
    • What are the latest technological developments and the focus of major players?
    • Who has the technology and products?

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