Teardown of Chinese automotive systems: a path to innovation

At Yole SystemPlus, we see more and more collaborations between European and Chinese automotive OEMs. For example, Volkswagen and XPeng, Audi and SAIC… etc.

Numerous electric vehicle brands, more autonomous and with 5G connectivity, are penetrating the Chinese market.

Last July, Volkswagen’s Executives announced: “The Volkswagen Group is strengthening its position on the Chinese automotive market with cooperations between the VW brand and XPENG and between Audi and SAIC. The Group is thus forging ahead with its local electrification strategy. The aim is to swiftly tap into new customer and market segments, thereby systematically leveraging the potential of China’s dynamically growing e-mobility market…

How is it possible? What are the underlying technologies? Can we talk about innovation rather than technology evolution? And has the supply chain been developed to support this evolution?…

Wilfried Théron Electronic System Departement Directo & Quality Manager Department Director & Quality Manager
At Yole SystemPlus, we work daily with the leading automotive players to get a deep understanding of their technical choices while monitoring the industry evolution. Processing Units, Telematics Control Units, Driver Monitoring Systems, Powertrain Domain Controllers (A new analysis focused on BYD’s solution coming soon), and more… are some of the systems we analyze.

Yole SystemPlus, in collaboration with Yole Intelligence, all part of Yole Group, has investigated the automotive industry for some time. Analysts interact daily with the automotive companies, collect valuable data, and realize impressive teardowns to highlight the OEMs’ key decisions that will change our tomorrow’s industry.

Twice a month, Yole SystemPlus analysts share the noteworthy points from their automotive Teardown Tracks through series of articles “WHAT’S IN THE BOX”:

WHAT’S IN THE BOX? – Chinese automotive electrification systems at a glance

Of the world’s 23 leading xEV OEMs, 13 are Chinese legacy players or start-ups. What technology and who is involved in manufacturing their electrification systems? With more than 20 power conversion systems previously analyzed, Yole SystemPlus is now extending its scope to include little-known Chinese systems. …. HERE

WHAT’S IN THE BOX? – Automotive LiDARs at a glance

With higher resolution sensors and more powerful processing capabilities, next generation LiDARs are close to raising the automated driving speed limit from 60 km/h to 130 km/h on highways. Further down the roadmap, automated driving is planned for on- and off-ramps, then on county roads and finally in cities. On the market landscape there are two camps: the Chinese OEMs and the others…HERE

WHAT’S IN THE BOX? – Vehicle telematics at a glance

Guillaume Robichon and Morgan Collin, from Yole SystemPlus, part of Yole Group, take us to the heart of NADs (network access devices). Of the 15 systems analyzed, three have been deeply analyzed to point out the design strategies chosen by leading manufacturers, which are Ford Motor Company, Desay SV, HARMAN International…. HERE

In addition to the above articles, we will also launch a series of other articles related to automotive Teardown Tracks, such as infotainment (smart cockpit controller, display), autonomous driving (camera and DMS systems, LiDARs), etc.

Stay tuned with our latest articles “WHAT’S IN THE BOX?”!

What is a Teardown Track?

Yole SystemPlus Teardown Tracks are the result of detailed physical and costing analyses. They are carried out by experts with academic and industrial backgrounds in the semiconductor domain. Yole SystemPlus Teardown Tracks offer a clear and fruitful understanding of the technical choices made by the leading manufacturers. It also reveals accurate insights related to manufacturing costs.

The company covers the overall supply chain from the components to the system. Based on daily technical and industrial monitoring, Yole SystemPlus has significant expertise to support innovation.