AAC and UltraSense partner to create touch experience solutions for cars and consumer electronics

 AAC Technologies, a global leader in haptics products including RichTap®, announced a strategic partnership with UltraSense Systems, innovators of SmartSurface touch interfaces, to create holistic touch experience solutions for automotive and consumer electronics markets. As consumers demand more intuitive touch interfaces, the AAC and UltraSense partnership can help accelerate the industry transition from mechanical buttons to solid-state digital buttons.

UltraSense TouchPoint HMI Controllers are already in production in automotive applications like infotainment systems, steering wheels, and EV motorized charge port door systems. AAC’s RichTap® linear actuator motors and rendering engine achieve multi-dimensional haptic experiences across a range of scenarios. Together, UltraSense HMI Controllers and AAC RichTap® enable multi-mode touch and haptic feedback for an elevated user touch experience.

UltraSense and AAC collaborate to create joint designs for automotive and consumer electronics. The AAC and UltraSense partnership reduces engineering development time required to fuse multi-mode touch, backlighting, and haptics as a fully integrated solution, while accelerating the ability to replace the last mechanical buttons with touch-on-metal interfaces and sliders to offer a premium interactive experience. Touch, pressure, and haptic feedback, with complemental advantages, are necessary and inseparable with each other to provide ultimate user experiences. With such partnership, more imagination and opportunity will come in the future.

In addition to streamlining design and development time, the strategic agreement between UltraSense and AAC enables joint sales and marketing opportunities with strategic customers.

“We see the demand for high-quality tactile experiences expanding from smartphones to smart cars,” said Kelvin Pan, Executive Vice President of AAC Technologies. “AAC has already launched the first software/hardware integrated automotive haptics solution for smart cockpits powered by AAC’s high-performance X-axis linear actuators and corresponding algorithms. Now, with UltraSense we can deliver an exceptional touch experience across virtual buttons, steering wheels and more.”

“We are continuously keeping an eye on excellent companies and teams with strategic synergy to collaborate and enhance the user experience of relevant industry solutions,” said Derek Ma, Strategic Investment Director of AAC. “Sensitive perception and authentic feedback are the foundation of high-quality tactile interaction solutions. We are pleased to establish a strategic partnership with UltraSense to provide customers with the highest quality tactile interaction solutions.

“Our partnership with AAC Technologies makes it even easier for our OEMs and tier-suppliers to adopt complete touch experience solutions for smartphones and cars,” said Mo Maghsoudnia, Founder and CEO of UltraSense Systems. “By combining our patented touch and force technologies and InPlane Sensing solutions with AAC’s RichTap® haptics solution, we together are redefining touch experiences for users while making it easier for manufacturers to adopt new solid-state technology.”