Audi and OLEDWorks to co-develop and implement OLED lighting solutions for the automotive market

OLEDWorks announced a “predevelopment collaboration” with Audi to advance OLED lighting technology in automotive applications. Audi and OLEDWorks will work together to use OLED lighting and implement it in Audi’s future vehicles.

Audi has been developing and implementing OLED lighting for many years. Back in 2012 Audi partnered with Philips to demonstrate several OLED lighting prototypes. Philips OLED unit was sold to OLEDWorks in 2015.

In 2016 Audi launched its first automobile with OLED lighting – the 2016 TT RS which used OSRAM-made panels in an optional OLED rearlight module. The 2018 Audi A8 (shown above) uses four small vertical OLED taillight modules on each side. The modules are provided by Hella, and we assume that the OLED lighting panels themselves were made by Osram. In April 2018, however, OSRAM announced it is pulling out of the OLED lighting market, but it will continue to support its customers until 2020.