China’s JD is using robots for product deliveries in Wuhan

Amidst the Coronavirus virus outbreak, logistics robots are playing a huge role to ensure smooth operations of the material supply chain in some of the worst affected areas in China. According to the official WeChat statement of Jingdong Logistics, technology is currently playing an important role in its distribution network. With smart warehouses and drones to distribution robots, smart supermarkets, and sales counters, JD Logistics is fighting the epidemic on Ground Zero.

JD Logistics currently has over 70 intelligent warehouses throughout China where robots like Earth Wolf, Sirius, and AGV are working round the clock under supervision to meet large-scale distribution demands. JD Logistics serves eight large economic circles in China including the Yangtse river delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and more. Intelligent logistics services currently play a critical role in ensuring smooth operations amidst the Coronavirus crisis.

With the help of robots at the frontline, JD Logistics has been able to successfully reduce the chances of infection by keeping personnel away from the worst affected areas. In order to normalize intelligent distribution, JD Logistics has deployed additional robots in the Wuhan region. The company has also set up smart distribution stations at Hohhot and Guiyang cities.

With the use of robots, JD Logistics has been able to consistently deliver materials and fulfill orders required to fight the deadly Coronavirus, without running the risk of infecting even more people. JD Logistics is already planning to use drones to deliver materials safely in Shaanxi, Hebei, Jiangsu and the areas quarantined by the government.