EMCORE introduces Model 1995 High-Power TOSA DFB Laser for LiDAR and Autonomous Vehicles at OFC

EMCORE, a provider of advanced mixed-signal products that serve the aerospace & defense, communications, and sensing markets, announced its new Model 1995 1550 nm High-Power Continuous Wavelength (CW) Source Distributed Feedback (DFB) Laser for LiDAR and autonomous vehicle applications.

The model 1995 laser is designed in a cooled TOSA (Transmission Optical Sub Assembly) form-factor in a hermetic TO56 package with 6+1 pins and is characterized for use as a Continuous Wavelength (CW) coherent optical source laser for LiDAR technology. The 1995 laser incorporates a high-isolation and high-efficiency coupling scheme to deliver 15 dBm of CW optical power with excellent spectral coherence. It expands EMCORE’s product offering for LiDAR which also includes the Model 1790 1550 nm High Power CW Source Laser for LiDAR in EMCORE’s classic 14-pin butterfly package.

EMCORE’s design for the 1995 laser provides a compact, robust solution for Frequency Modulation Continuous Wavelength (FMCW) sensing that is essential for autonomous vehicles and a wide variety of other optical sensing applications. A key advantage of EMCORE’s LiDAR laser technology for autonomous driving is its narrow linewidth achieved with a monolithic design that is highly immune to mode or optical frequency hopping typically found with external cavity designs. Mode or optical frequency hopping causes false readings in FMCW LiDAR, whereas EMCORE’s laser technology maintains optical frequency stability over temperature suppressing false readings.

Our continuing research and development efforts in optical sensing and LiDAR is opening doors into new application spaces and business opportunities for EMCORE,” said Gyo Shinozaki, Vice President and General Manager of Broadband for EMCORE. “In addition to the models 1995 and 1790, EMCORE offers custom chip level development and component packaging options to enable customers to tailor our LiDAR technology to their specific requirements,” added Mr. Shinozaki.

EMCORE will be presenting its solutions for optical sensing and LiDAR, high-speed telecommunications, and data center at the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC), March 8-10 at the San Diego Convention Center, booth #5203.