Huawei teases alpha S intelligent luxury electric car, launch set

Huawei has confirmed that its smart car solution will be used in the upcoming ARCFOX Polar Fox Alpha S model, with a new generation of smart luxury pure electric cars.

According to the information, this electric car will be released in Shanghai and invite you to witness global autonomous driving. According to the official press release of Baic Blue Vallery, Huawei cleared some doubts by saying that Huawei doesn’t build cars instead it aims to help carmakers to manufacture better cars.

Huawei and BAIC will jointly launch the ARCFOX HBT, the first model ARCFOX as HBT that will launch at Shanghai Auto Show in April 2021. To be mentioned HBT stands for Huawei Bluepark Together.

Back in December, Huawei announced its 96-line medium and long-range LiDAR products designed and developed. Huawei’s Lidar is rich in application scenarios, such as small long-distance obstacles, short-distance stoppages, near-end protrusions, tunnels, crossroads, basements, etc. during actual driving. It also has high-speed vehicle detection ability.

Furthermore, Wang Jun, President of Huawei’s Smart Car Solution BU revealed that Huawei plans to reduce the cost of Lidar to 200 USD or even 100 USD in the future.

The previous report suggests that BAIC ARCFOX Pola Fox HBT model will be also equipped with Huawei’s Lidar solution. It’s known that Huawei currently has three LiDar configurations including:

1.     Single Lidar

2.     Two Lidar

3.     Three Lidar

BAIC ARCFOX Polar FoX HBT models will adopt the most advanced three Lidar loading solutions.

HBT will also be equipped with 6-millimeter wave radars, 12 cameras, 13 ultrasonic radars, and a Huawei chipset that can boost the power of up to 352 Tops to provide an autonomous driving solution above the L3 level.