Innovusion partners with NIO for autonomous driving LiDAR

Innovusion has partnered with NIO for high-performance sensing used in NIO’s ET7 electric smart sedan.  The ET7 boasts over 600 miles of range and full autonomous driving capability.

The ET7 features NIO’s NAD (NIO Autonomous Driving) technology which include NIO’s Aquila Super Sensing, a suite of 33 high-performance sensors.  Each sensor has been seamlessly integrated into the body of the car.

As part of the Aquila sensor suite, Innovusion’s Falcon LiDAR will give the ET7 unprecedented insight into the environment far in front of the car.  Enabled by Falcon’s long-distance capability and high angular resolution, vehicles can be detected 500 meters away, and even pedestrians and small road debris can be detected over 200 meters away. 

ET7 deliveries are estimated to start in Q1 2022.