Murata, developing future sensor technology, has inaugurated a new factory expansion in Finland

Murata, a world manufacturer of electronic components, inaugurated a new factory in Vantaa, Finland, on January 29, 2020. The current production and product development unit received additional space amounting to a third of its previous size. The total area of the new plant is about 16,000 square meters. The value of the investment is EUR 42 million.

The microelectromechanical MEMS sensors manufactured by Murata in Vantaa are particularly used in car safety systems, work machines and health technology, such as pacemakers. The company also develops vital positioning and safety technology for the advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) as well as for self-directed cars.

The market for ADAS and self-directed cars is expected to grow in the future. MEMS sensors are used for applications of this type that require excellent measurement accuracy and stable performance under varying conditions. With the factory expansion, we are ready to meet the growing demand and are also able to build high synergy between our Finnish MEMS technology expertise and Murata’s manufacturing capabilities,” says Yuichiro Hayata, the Managing Director of Murata Electronics, a Finnish subsidiary of Murata.

With the progress of CASE, the automotive market are increasing its demands for higher performance in electronic devices. Especially in the area of autonomous driving, we have the strength of MEMS technology which can be used to detect the behavior of the vehicle body and also grasp the surrounding environment. By strengthening our production capabilities, we are very pleased to contribute to the development of a safe and secure mobility society and to the development of healthcare fields through sensors.” says Norio Nakajima, the Senior Executive Vice President, Module Business Unit, and Representative Director.

The factory expansion also represents advanced building technology. Sensitive sensor production is taken into account especially in the building’s frame structure, which is very rigid and thus prevents the generation of disrupting soil vibrations. The sensors are made in cleanrooms, the requirements of which are reflected e.g., in the building’s massive ventilation solutions.

Murata acquired the Finnish company VTI Technologies in 2012, after which the company’s name was changed to Murata Electronics Oy. The site hosts product development and office space as well as one of the largest cleanrooms in Finland, in total about 33,000 square meters.