Sensors in automotive

EETIMES is releasing a new book, “ASPENCORE Guide to: Sensors in Automotive — Making Cars See and Think Ahead”. EE Times and its publisher, AspenCore Media, have been chronicling the efforts to build a truly safe driverless car since the first sensor technologies emerged that made the task seem doable. As they’ve reported on the developments in sensors, software, hardware, and next-gen vehicle architecture, the question at the center of their investigations has always been: How close are we, really, to making cars see and think for themselves? It’s a critical topic whose complexities could fill a book — so EETIMES has produced one…

A quote from the foreword

…Identifying the key players in the industry and clarifying the market potential and limitations of the next generation of sensor technology allow the reader to catch a glimpse of the future of automotive safety to understand the most important challenges that we will need to overcome. — Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary General at Euro NCAP

With this project, EETIMES and Junko Yoshida, Global Editor-in-Chief, worked with a team of analysts at Yole Développement (Yole) to assess the state of sensors in the automotive market. This market analysis is based on Yole’s market research reports and their analysts’ observations.

It includes: Pierre Cambou, Principal Analyst, Imaging – Pierrick Boulay, Technology & Market Analyst, Solid-State Lighting – Cédric Malaquin, Technology & Market Analyst, RF Devices & Technology – Yohann Tschudi, Technology & Market Analyst, Computing & Software – Alexis Debray, Technology & Market Analyst, MEMS, Sensors & Photonics – Dimitrios Damianos, Technology & Market Analysts, MEMS, Sensors, Photonics & Imaging – and Eric Mounier, Fellow Analyst.

Advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous vehicles are works-in-progress that rely on constantly evolving technologies. This 152-page book, with contributions from leading thinkers in the tech and automotive industries, asks: Can advancements in sensing and decision-making technologies help drivers, passengers and vulnerable road users? If so, how soon might this help arrive?

Forward: Euro NCAP Secretary General Michiel van Ratingen

Market Overview: Yole Développement

Technology Analysis: Phil Koopman, Egil Juliussen, Phil Magney, Colin Barden, Mike Demler, Mark Fitzgerald, Rob Stead

Exclusive interviews: Amnon Shashua, Mobileye CEO; Peter Hartwell, TDK/Invensense

Tech papers: Intel, Nvidia, NXP, Arm, Qualcomm, Siemens, Omnivision

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