SiLC Partners with Cloud Light for Volume Manufacturing of its Eyeonic Vision Sensors

Silicon photonics market leader, SiLC Technologies, (SiLC) announced a manufacturing partnership with Cloud Light Technology Limited (Cloud Light), a manufacturer of advanced optical modules for automotive and data center interconnect applications. Cloud Light will deliver volume manufacturing of SiLC’s Eyeonic™ Vision Sensors, which take LiDAR to a new level of performance by providing accurate depth, instantaneous velocity, and dual-polarization intensity.

Announced in December of 2021, SiLC’s Eyeonic Vision Sensor is a first-of-its-kind FMCW LiDAR transceiver. At the nexus of the Eyeonic Vision Sensor is SiLC’s silicon photonic chip which integrates FMCW LiDAR functionality into a single, tiny chip. Representing decades of silicon photonics innovation, this chip is the only readily-integratable solution for manufacturers building the next generation of autonomous vehicles, security solutions and industrial robots.

Cloud Light’s proven capabilities in optical module design, high volume precision assembly, testing, and reliability engineering complement and complete SiLC’s manufacturing ecosystem, which includes its proprietary and mature chip fabrication process with another major ecosystem partner in Asia. Early sample shipments and the transition to volume production are expected this year.

To integrate all of the functionalities needed for a coherent LiDAR into a single photonic chip is a complex art that takes many years to master,” said Dr. Mehdi Asghari, SiLC’s CEO and founder. “The combination of precision optical assembly and automotive capabilities make Cloud Light an ideal partner for manufacturing our vision sensors. All modules that we ship to customers this year will be made by SiLC’s mature manufacturing ecosystem and led by Cloud Light.”

Cloud Light provides design capabilities and manufacturing excellence for advanced optical modules,” noted Dr. Dennis Tong, CEO and founder of Cloud Light. “Our automated assembly and test platform for silicon photonics enables SiLC to ramp up volume and scale its products to the automotive industry and beyond. We’re excited to work with the world’s 4D LiDAR chip supplier, together we offer a very unique value proposition to the market.”