Tech talks highlight top trends

An article from Rick Merritt for EETIMES – Engineers face big challenges delivering foldable smartphones, rollable displays and next generation DRAMs. However, they also have opportunities to deliver new classes of health care devices and 3D chip stacks.

Those were some of the highlights of a day of technology talks at the annual Industry Strategy Symposium hosted by the Semi trade group here earlier this month.

Jo de Boeck, chief strategy officer at the Imec, kicked off the day with one of the research institute’s signature whirlwind tours of semiconductor technology and applications. It ranged from an update on extreme ultraviolet lithography to work on superconducting qubits.

One of the more mind-bending application areas was a lab-on-a-chip geared to “reprogram” human tissues for medical research or therapy. He described a multi-level array chip geared to capture individual cells. Targeted cells could then be hit with an electric charge so they could ingest a chemical through microfluidic channels… Full article