Semiconductor equipment industry: what to expect?

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At Yole Group, we have followed the semiconductor industry for more than 25 years and have developed significant technical and market expertise in this area. Our analysts analyze the innovations and business opportunities to anticipate industrial disruption.
Today, we deliver quarterly updates of three semiconductor manufacturing & equipment market monitors:

John West, Director, Semiconductor Manufacturing & Equipment, Yole Intelligence
Quarter after quarter, the company will add companies and segments as they become relevant. Indeed, the Market Monitors are a constantly evolving service where semiconductor companies can expect improvements every period. Each quarter will also feature a focused report on a particular product or technology.

Get a comprehensive view of each monitor with Yole Group’s analysts:


Semiconductor equipment subsystems: towards an optimistic recovery?

While Q1 2023 experienced a significant market correction, signs of recovery are emerging just around the corner.

Gaël Giusti, Ph.D., Technology and Market Analyst, asserts: “The first quarter of 2023 posed significant challenges for subsystem suppliers as a result of the downturn in the WFE market and high inventory levels at OEMs. This led to a sharp decline in order intakes during Q1.”… Full article


Semiconductor test consumable: will the calm come after the storm?

Despite a potential correction in 2023, the overall outlook for the semiconductor test market remains optimistic in the long run.

For Lin Fu, Ph.D., Lead Analyst: “The Semiconductor Test Consumable Market Monitor provides comprehensive data from nearly 150 suppliers of probe cards, sockets, and PCBs. These crucial testing components are used in various stages such as wafer sort, package test, system level test, and burn-in test.”… Full article


Wafer fab equipment industry: an horizon of uncertainties

The lackluster performance of wafer fab equipment in Q1 2023 has created a sense of uncertainty throughout the entire semiconductor supply chain.

Taguhi Yeghoyan, Ph.D, Senior Technology & Market Analyst, affirms: “Following three consecutive years of record-breaking year-over-year (YoY) growth, the total revenue for the semiconductor equipment industry, known as WFE (Wafer Fabrication Equipment), is projected to experience a decline of -8.3%.”… Full article

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