Market and Technology Trends

Co-packaged Optics for Datacenter 2023

By Yole Intelligence

Co-packaged optics deployment will be greatly accelerated by optical input/output for high performance computing, creating a window of opportunity by 2033 valued at $2.6B.


Key Features 

  • Drivers of network traffic growth
  • Optical module evolution
  • Review of trends in data centers impacting the optical module market
  • Forecast for CPO market for 2020-2033 split by system architecture
  • Comprehensive introduction to CPO
  • A quick look at the switch ASIC evolution
  • Analyses of integration and packaging aspects, including timelines
  • CPO industry analysis, including deployment models
  • CPO challenges that need to be overcome to succeed

What’s new? 

  • Market breakdown by technology architecture (EOI/NPO/CPO/Optical I/O)
  • Evaluation of CPO for HPC AI/ML applications
  • Review different CPO approaches from different vendors

Product's objectives

  • To provide the context of why DC operators explore CPO technology
    • IP traffic growth, new applications as market drivers, other trends in data centers impacting the optical module technology, market and industry
  • To provide market forecast split by technology architecutres
  • To review the industry and the potential impact on the supply chain
    • There is no broad consensus on CPO as a future technology
    • Industrial eco-system, supply chain of selected players
  • To examine technology approaches for CPO
    • Applications: Networking & Processing
    • CPO technology architectures: EOI, OBO, NPO, CPO, Optical I/O
    • Roadmaps of CPO adoption
    • Examples of particular solutions from selected players
  • To discuss CPO challenges and compare with pluggable optics
  • To review the global challenge and focus on the POWER / ENERGY aspect

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