Market and Technology Trends

High-End Performance Packaging 2024

By Yole Intelligence

This report is scheduled for Q2 2024


This report focuses on market and technology trends of most expensive, most advanced AP platforms dedicated to high-end performance applications and achieved by means of chiplet and heterogenous integration using AP platforms such as 2.5D Si interposer, 3D stacking (3D stack memory and 3D SoC), Embedded Si Bridge (EB), Ultra High Density FO (UHD FO) and new in 2023, co-packaged optics aspects. Listed AP platforms differ in their component applications, average selling price and supply chain. Hence, this report provides information for all AP platform types used for chiplet and heterogenous integration: 5-year market forecast (revenue, units and wafer start), manufacturer data (revenue, market share, CapEx), roadmaps, supply chain, industry news, mature and emerging technologies.


Scope of the previous report

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