Market and Technology Trends

High-End Performance Packaging 2024

By Yole Intelligence


Key Features ​

The High-end Packaging market was worth $4.3B in 2023 and is projected to reach over $28B by 2029, with a CAGR2023-2029 of 37%. Breaking it down further into its end markets, the biggest High-end Performance Packaging market is ‘Telecom & Infrastructure,’ with over 67% of the revenue in 2023. It should be followed closely by the ‘Mobile & Consumer’ which is the fastest growing market with 50% CAGR. In terms of package units, High-end Packaging is projected to experience a 44% CAGR2023-2029, from 627M Units in 2023 to 5.6B by 2029. The top fastest-growing platforms are CBA DRAM, 3D SoC, Active Si Interposer, 3D NAND stack & embedded Si bridge. 

What’s new? ​

  • New technology platforms added: CBA DRAM
  • New technology trend information added: CPO, Glass substrate; 
  • New product and supply chain update;
  • New assumptions;

Report's objectives: ​

  • Identify and describe which technologies can be classified as ‘High-end Performance Packaging’
  • Define High-end Performance Packaging
  • Analyze key market drivers, benefits, and challenges of High-end Performance Packaging, by application 
  • Describe the different existing technologies, their trends, and roadmaps
  • Consider the supply chain and High-end Performance Packaging landscape
  • Update the business status of High-end Performance Packaging technology markets
  • Provide a market forecast for the coming years, and estimate future trends

High-end Performance markets are studied from the following angles:​

  • Top-down, based on end-system demand
  • Market valuations based on top-down and bottom-up models
  • Market shares, based on production projections
  • Supply value-chain analysis
  • State-of-the-art technologies and trends
  •  End-user application adoptions

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