Market and Technology Trends

MicroLED 2023

By Yole Intelligence

Will microLEDs be the forever upcoming display technology? As OLED continues improving, microLED must accelerate commercialization and deliver strong differentiation.


Key Features

  • 2022-2030 MicroLED Display Panel Volume Forecast per Application
  • 2022-2030 MicroLED Display Panel Revenue Forecast per Application
  • 2022-2030 Chip On Wafer Revenue Forecast per Application
  • Overview of Major Ecovystems
  • 2022-2032 Cost Evolution Roadmaps
  • Equipments Overview
  • Processes Overview
  • Architecture overview
  • Recent News and Prototypes

Product Objectives

MicroLED Display applications: which applications could microLED displays address and when?

  • Understand microLED’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for each applications (SWOT).
  • Understand the dynamic of adoptions for each applications.
  • Volume and revenue forecasts (displays, wafers)

Competitive landscape and supply chain

  • Investments in microLED: who, how much?
  • Identify the key players and major ecosystems.
  • Current and upcoming pilot lines, fabs and display modules projects.
  • Identify the key trends in technology development, equipment, and manufacturing. Who’s taking the lead? Key partnerships.
  • Scenario for a microLED display supply chain: OEM, display makers, equipment makers, startups, and technology providers.
  • Impact on the global display supply chain.

Understand the fundamentals and status of microLED technologies:

  • Technology status and roadmaps.
  • Recent progress, remaining pinch points.
  • Cost targets and roadmaps.

What's new?

Further delays in manufacturing ramps at many leading players. Acceleration of the effort by Chinese players. Increasing focus on stacked / monolithic RGB architectures for microdisplays. Smartwatch and Automotive will be the first volume application to materialize.

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