Market and Technology Trends

Status of the Processor Industry 2023

By Yole Intelligence

The processor market is set to grow from $154B in 2022 to $242B by 2028, driven by AI adoption and dominated by tech giants.


Key Features 

  • Description of technical trends, scaling roadmaps, and players’ dynamics with a special focus on China.
  • Overview of the advanced packaging and memory innovation for processors
  • Breakdown of the processor market from applications and processor type point of view, detailing present and future processor needs for servers, smartphones, personal computers, wearables, other home consumers’ end-systems, and vehicles.
  • Mapping of the processor ecosystem, analysis of M&A, start-ups fundraising and list of noteworthy news.
  • Overview of processor technology evolution for main technologies, as well as new technologies


Product objectives : 

Leveraging sound expertise in processor technologies and related markets, Yole is glad to provide you with this new report, ‘Status of the Processor Industry’, offering the broadest overview of the semiconductor processor industry.

The main objectives of this report are as follows:

  •  Provide a comprehensive overview of the processor market:
    • CPU, GPU, APU, SoC FPGA, AI ASIC, and DPU market trends, including revenue and volume forecasts. Analysis of the main market trends and drivers by market, for the different processor technologies:
      • Consumer – Mobile
      • Consumer – PC
      • Consumer – Home & Wearables
      • Automotive
      • Data center
  • Present technology trends:
    • Current and future developments, by type of processor (CPU, GPU, APU, AI ASIC, DPU, SoC FPGA)
    • Processor advanced packaging technology trends
    • Chiplet focus
    • Memory trends
    • IP overview
    • Transistor scaling and Moore’s law discussion
    • Next-gen computing
  • Describe the supply chain and the processor ecosystem:
    • Recent news on the processor industry
    • Deep mapping of processor companies, by type of processor
    • Fundraising analysis of processor start-ups.
    • Financial analysis of the top 10 processor companies involved in APU, CPU, and GPU business.
    • Analysis of the Chinese processor ecosystem
    • US-China trade war overview and consequences on the processor industry

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