Onto Innovation launches U.S. applications center of excellence focused on panel-level packaging

Onto Innovation (NYSE: ONTO) announced the launch of an Applications Center of Excellence, a combined tool demonstrator, photo resist qualification, process integration and research and development (R&D) facility focused on panel-level packaging (PLP), a key facilitator of the emerging chiplet market. The chiplet package market is expected to grow at an annual average rate of 103% over the next three years, according to TechSearch International.

A first-of-its-kind facility dedicated to panel-level packaging, the Applications Center of Excellence is located within Onto Innovation’s Wilmington headquarters and will offer the company’s PLP customers hands-on experience with Onto’s hardware and software solutions, including the Firefly® sub-micron panel defect inspection system, large exposure field JetStep® X500 lithography system and Discover® family of software. Customers will also have access to systems and processes offered by partnering OEMs and materials providers. With access to these combined resources, customers, collaborators and Onto team members will partner to explore and refine advanced PLP processes.

“Our customers want to accelerate their technology roadmaps, and we will assist them by leveraging our experience and access to next-generation processes and equipment, from both Onto and our partners. This collaborative approach to process development will help our customers accelerate roadmaps and we expect this will result in shortened time to yield when in production,” says Michael Plisinski, chief executive officer of Onto Innovation.

With several significant industry inflection points on the horizon, such as glass substrate and increasingly tighter line/space requirements, the Applications Center of Excellence is ideally suited for advanced packaging process development for PLP, advanced IC substrates (AICS) and wafer-level packaging.

“The R&D phase is more important now than ever, especially when it concerns PLP. By facilitating connections between Onto, our customers and our collaborators, we will use this critical time to craft turnkey solutions for build-up films, redistribution layers, photoresists, copper clad laminate substrates and glass substrates,” says Plisinski. “With the application of Onto’s smart factory-enabling Yield Optimizer software, we can intelligently bridge the gaps between fabrication and advanced packaging processes, accelerating time to market for key process steps that bring heterogeneously integrated chips, and chiplets to life.”

The Applications Center of Excellence further strengthens Onto’s ability to capitalize on the rapid growth and technical complexities of the chiplet market driven by high-performance computing, GPU/CPU for AI and AR/VR, autonomous driving, and edge computing.

Interested customers and potential partner organizations should visit Onto Innovation during SEMICON® West at booth 629 or reach out to their local sales and support team to learn how to initiate collaboration at the Onto Applications Center of Excellence.