Shin-Etsu chemical to invest $285 million to expand photoresist production in Japan and Taiwan

Shin-Etsu Chemical will make investments totaling ¥30 billion ($285 million) to expand its photoresists business manufacturing bases in Japan and Taiwan. It will increase the production capacities at its facilities in Douliu City, Taiwan, and Joetsu City, Japan.

Shin-Etsu in Taiwan completed its first-phase construction in 2019 and will build a new plant, it says. The construction project in Taiwan is aimed for completion by February 2021. The latest construction work at Joetsu is due to be completed in February 2022, it says. The company plans to capture expanding demand in the semiconductor devices market and the demand for semiconductor-related materials, it adds.

Shin-Etsu has developed and is producing high-sensitivity ArF excimer laser photoresists and multi-layer resists materials that improve the precision of circuit