Teradyne marks 8,000th J750 semiconductor test system shipment

Teradyne a supplier of automated test equipment, announced shipment of its 8,000th J750 semiconductor test platform. This milestone has been achieved with V-Test, a outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) vendor in China.

Deployed at all the semiconductor chip manufacturers, the Teradyne J750 tester includes wafer sort and final test solutions for microcontroller units, wireless devices, image sensors, and more. J750 testers lead the industry in quality, time to market, and cost effectiveness, delivering higher throughput and increased site count, reducing single-site test time, and optimizing parallel test efficiency.

V-Test provides testing services and production capacity to top-tier fabless/design houses in China and overseas fabless companies. The company tests products ranging from consumer to automotive systems on chip (SoCs) across different end-product segments in automotive, computing, mobility, power, and consumer products. Its anchor customers run high-volume and high-mix products.

“Teradyne has been a valued and collaborative partner to V-Test since our founding seven years ago. They’ve been with us from the start, and we know from experience that Teradyne testers are up to the task,” said Tony Pian, CEO of V-Test. “The J750 system’s quality, reliability, and scalability in the MCU/SoC testing space make it our platform of choice. Through our investment in this stellar platform, we have the means to further grow our business and maintain a competitive position in the semiconductor test industry.”

V-Test owns over 100 Teradyne SoC testers for volume production and test engineering, including one of the first UltraFLEXplus test systems shipped to China.

“The Teradyne team has worked diligently to partner with customers across the globe and equip them with testing solutions that are right for the increasingly diverse set of semiconductors,” said Regan Mills, vice president and general manager of SoC product marketing at Teradyne. “This latest milestone celebrates that partnership and the impressive growth of V-Test, while raising their profile as an industry leader in the process.”

Proven Platform and Award-winning Software

Teradyne’s J750 family is a MCU device testing solution for automotive and consumer applications, as well as image sensor testing. Automotive semiconductor suppliers rely on the J750 to provide repeatable and reliable device test results. The J750 utilizes Teradyne’s award-winning IG-XL software platform to help verify test programs critical for the automotive market. With a ‘zero footprint’ design, the J750 is the gold standard for test quality as semiconductor manufacturers pursue zero defects and multisite throughput.

In addition, the IG-XL software platform is critical for rapid program development. It automatically scales to support multisite testing, saving significant development time and cost, and enables thirty percent faster development of multisite test programs compared with competitive ATE software systems.