Top Tier Semiconductor supplier qualifies Veeco’s Wet processing system for next generation high bandwidth memory applications

Veeco Instruments announced that a world semiconductor supplier has qualified Veeco’s WaferStorm® Wet Processing System for advanced packaging applications that will support next generation high bandwidth memory (HBM).

The customer also operates Veeco’s AP300 Lithography Systems for advanced packaging production used to meet demand for 5G system-on-a-chip, graphic processors (GPUs) and high-performance computing applications.

This qualification of the WaferStorm system was based on best-in-class wet processing technology,” commented Adrian Devasahayam, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Line Management. “Our wet processing technology enables many edge applications, such as high bandwidth memory and high-performance computing, that require devices made with advanced packaging techniques. As integrated packaging designs continue to gain momentum, customers require cleaning and lithography platforms that can handle all advanced packaging process needs with superior capability at the lowest cost of ownership.”

WaferStorm’s unique ImmJET solvent technology provides customers with the best overall process performance, flexibility and production capability in its class compared to conventional batch or spray-only approaches. WaferStorm offers proven, reliable solutions for flux cleaning, photoresist strip, dry film resist strip, via cleans and other advanced packaging processes.