Xperi licenses DBI to Canon for CMOS image sensors

Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI®) hybrid bonding portfolio licensed to Canon to enhance image sensors in its industry products

Xperi Holding announced Canon’s license of Invensas DBI hybrid bonding intellectual property (IP) portfolio to further enhance its image sensors.

Hybrid bonding, a foundational 3D integration technology, is increasingly being deployed in a range of semiconductor applications from image sensors to memory to reduce form factor, lower cost, enhance performance and increase functionality. In imaging applications, DBI technology has been leveraged to improve image quality, increase signal-to-noise ratios, and enable advanced features.

Canon is recognized by customers around the world as a long-standing leader in optical and imaging products,” said Craig Mitchell, President of Invensas, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi. “Our DBI hybrid bonding technology is key to the continued advancement and miniaturization of semiconductors and the electronics products they are incorporated within. We are proud to support Canon’s innovation efforts in the field of image sensors and look forward to expanding our relationship in the future.”

As the limits of Moore’s Law are being challenged, the industry is looking beyond conventional 2D scaling techniques to 3D structures, packages and interconnect innovations. Xperi has achieved fundamental advances in 3D semiconductor packaging and interconnect required to satisfy the demanding size, performance and functionality requirements of consumers. With over 2,700 semiconductor patents covering wafer bonding, die bonding, 3D interconnect, 3D semiconductor packaging, processes, circuits and more, Xperi continues to license and partner with industry-leaders around the world