Market and Technology Trends

Generative AI 2024 - Impact on Processors, Memory, Advanced Packaging, and Substrates

By Yole Intelligence

Deep dive in supply chain and its bottleneck and resilience. Which company takes benefits of generative AI and who is missing ?


Report's objectives:

Comprehensive Analysis of Generative AI's Impact on the Semiconductor Industry:

  • Examine the AI Processor market, including GPU and AI ASIC - revenue forecast, units forecast, ASP evolution, product breakdown
  • Evaluate the HBM market in terms of bits evolution and revenue
  • Assess the foundry market dynamics and trends
  • Investigate the packaging market, focusing on interposer and HBM stack technologies
  • Analyze the substrate market and its role in the supply chain

Global Understanding of the Ecosystem and Key Players:

  • Identify major competitors at each level of the supply chain
  • Examine the relationships and interdependencies within the ecosystem
  • Determine the key beneficiaries of the Generative AI momentum
  • Anticipate changes and shifts in the industry for the upcoming years

Key Technical Insights and Future Technology Trends:

  • Discuss processor key technology choices and dynamics shaping the industry
  • Review the main players' roadmaps and technology development plans
  • Compare and contrast GPU and AI ASIC performances, highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify potential challenges and opportunities in the development and adoption of Generative AI technologies in the semiconductor industry

Key Features:

  • 2019-2029 processor shipment and revenue
  • 2019-2025 High-end GPU breakdown by products
  • 2019-2029 wafers for processor die and for 2.5D/3D packaging
  • 2019-2029 2.5D/3D units and associated revenue for 2023, 2026, and 2029
  • 2019-2029 memory bit-DRAM demand
  • 2019-2029 HBM bit shipment and revenue
  • 2023 HBM market share
  • 2019-2029 IC substrate units and revenue for datacenter AI accelerators
  • 2019-2029 IC Substrate Panel Units for AI datacenter processors
  • 2019-2029 FCBGA revenue for AI datacenter processors
  • Processor, memory, foundry, packaging, and substrate ecosystem, and supply chain analysis
  • Processor, memory, foundry, packaging, and substrate technology trends for datacenter GPU and AI ASICs

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