WiPDA 2023: The 10th Edition of the IEEE Workshop on WBG Power Devices

An article written by Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio for Power Electronics News – This edition of WiPDA has shown the importance of and global interest in advancements in pipeline data technologies and applications.

The IEEE Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications (WiPDA), now in its 10th year, was held Dec. 4–6 at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. With attendees from more than 17 countries on three continents, this edition of the workshop has shown the importance of and global interest in advancements in pipeline data technologies and applications.

WiPDA’s general chair, Babak Parkhideh, stressed the significant impact of WiPDA in advancing the development of wide-bandgap (WBG) power electronics. This conference has successfully brought together researchers, academicians, industry experts and policymakers in a collaborative environment, contributing to its unique characteristics and appeal.(…)

Poshun Chiu, technology and market senior analyst at Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group, gave a talk titled “Overview of the WBG market in the past decade, what can we anticipate in the next 10 years?” As Chiu noted, SiC is primarily utilized in industrial and EV applications to meet the demands of high power and voltage, whereas GaN is instrumental in the development of compact adapters for everyday consumer electronics. These two WBG materials will constitute a market in the billions of dollars by 2023. In light of the criticality of attaining greater power-conversion efficiency to meet zero-emission objectives, the application of SiC and GaN is expected to further surge over the next decade.

On the first day’s panel discussion, a lineup of diverse speakers offered insights reflecting the remarkable advancements of the past decade in power devices. Poshun Chiu, Senior Analyst for Technology & Market at Yole Group; Victor Veliadis, the Executive Director & CTO at PowerAmerica and Chair of IEEE PELS ITRW; Tim McDonald, Senior Consulting Advisor to CoolGaN Program at Infineon and JC-70 Chair; and Jin Wang, Professor at The Ohio State University and the inaugural WiPDA Conference General Chair, collectively delved into the transformative journey of the last 10 years. Their collective expertise projected a compelling vision into the future, forecasting forthcoming trends in the industry.(…)

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