Beneq unveils two new products to meet the growing demand for ALD in 300mm and compound semiconductors

Beneq, a forerunner in industrial production using atomic layer deposition (ALD), has launched two new products for semiconductor device fabrication: the Transform® 300 and ProdigyTM. 

Dedicated to the success of More-than-Moore device makers, Beneq revolutionized ALD cluster tools when it launched the highly successful Beneq Transform® family of products. Today, Beneq broadens its product portfolio further with two new and distinct solutions.

The Beneq Transform 300 and Prodigy were each designed in response to growing technology requirements in the semiconductor manufacturing sector.

“The Transform 300 is designed to meet the growing demand of emerging semiconductor applications at 300 mm for devices such as CMOS image sensors, Power Devices, Micro-OLED/LED, and Advanced Packaging, which call for a high degree of versatility,” explains Patrick Rabinzohn, Vice President, Semiconductor ALD at Beneq

“We created Prodigy to address those market segments that need a simple solution supported by high-end technology. It inherits the ALD design and processing know-how we at Beneq have developed over the last 15 years, packing advanced features in a simpler, targeted industrial form factor,” continues Rabinzohn. 

The Beneq Transform 300 is the only 300 mm ALD cluster tool that combines thermal ALD (batch) and plasma ALD (single wafer) technologies to provide a highly versatile platform for IDMs and foundries. It is dedicated to advanced thin-film applications in CIS, Power, Micro-OLED/LED, Advanced Packaging and other MtM applications.

The Beneq Transform 300 is a highly configurable platform that caters to multiple advanced thin-film applications ranging from gate dielectric – including in high-aspect-ratio trenches – to anti-reflection coating, final passivation or encapsulation, chip-scale packaging, and beyond.

The Beneq Prodigy is the ideal manufacturing solution for compound semiconductors, including RF IC’s (GaAs/GaN/InP), LED, VCSELs, Light Detectors, and  MEMS manufacturers and foundries looking to enhance device performance and reliability through an affordable stand-alone ALD batch tool. The Beneq Prodigy provides best-of-breed passivation and encapsulation films across multiple wafer types and sizes.