Experience the world of semiconductors in a whole new way with i-Micronews!

After 20 years in business analyzing semiconductors’ technical, industrial and market evolutions, Yole Développement is launching a brand new version of its website, i-Micronews is dedicated to the analysis of the large-scale trends of the semiconductor industry, from materials to equipment, devices, modules and systems. Its aim is to be closer to the day-to-day evolution and expected revolutions of this industry. i-Micronews seeks to provide analyses, reports and monitors from the Yole group of Companies in a better way, so that you can get access to key content supporting the development of your business and knowledge of the industry you address.

Our information website, i-Micronews, has now reached almost 16,000 unique visitors every month, with strong growth in the last two years. i-Micronews is now one of the leading voices of the industry. It offers a focus on the key events, analysis of the trends and what we can expect from the future, in addition to the presentations of the main reports and publications of the Yole group of Companies. It was time, after all these years, to redesign the website and adapt its structure to its purpose. And here it is…

The new website has several unique changes. Its intuitive design presents a brand new look and a fully responsive layout for all platforms to easily navigate and learn even more about semiconductors. It provides easy-access targeted content, including news and articles, reports, events, webcasts and conference presentations, organized around six main markets, and refined by technology.

You will also have a real dedicated space with personalized content, report order follow-up, preference management, event registration, a selection of the major news, webcasts and presentations. The finest segmentation of reports and monitors by factors like expertise, application and type of analysis, will help you to better meet your requirements and get faster access to the data and analysis you need.

The i-Micronews web site has been totally revamped with improvements to our design and access to our content, in order to share even more with you. There’s a whole host of small changes to discover. And this is just the start, more content will be available soon at your fingertips. Stay tuned!