Market and Technology Trends

Status of the Advanced Packaging Industry 2022

By Yole Intelligence

New players are disrupting the $37.4B advanced packaging market, investing hugely into new promising technologies with risky return-on-investment

Key Features

  • News on advanced packaging – government investment, collaboration activities, investment and capability expansion, new technologies and products
  • Advanced Packaging market forecast through 2027, in $US, units and wafers
  • Advanced Packaging technology and key player trends
  • Advanced Packging supply chain and substrate shortage issue
  • Top 30 OSAT financial analyses, including breakdown of Chinese OSATs
  • Mergers and acquisitions since 2020 and explanatory scenarios


What's new

  • News in advanced packaging updated and segmentized into fewer categories
  • Updated technology trends
  • Updated Advanced Packaging equipment and material suppliers
  • Updated a comparison of Advanced Packaging key players
  • Financial analysis including top 33 players
  • Financial analysis of top 10 Chinese OSATs

Product objectives

Advanced Packaging market overview

  • Drivers and dynamics
  • Future applications
  • Disruptions and opportunities

Supply chain analysis

  • Overview of production by IDM, OSAT and foundry players
  • Shifting business models
  • Financial analysis of top 30 OSATs

 Technology trends and forecasts

  • Revenue, wafer, and unit forecasts by platform
  • Future development by platform
  • Impact of front-end scaling
  • Scaling and functional roadmaps


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