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UPDATE: Eric Virey, Sr Technology & Market Analyst from Yole Intelligence, delivers Yole Group’s miniLED & display expertise. With the latest announcements made at CES 2023, make sure to get a deep understanding of the latest innovations, technical challenges and business opportunities! More

The miniLED opportunity triggered more than $14B of investment during the period 2019-2021. MiniLEDs transfer value away from the LCD panel to the backlight. Since the backlights require less expertise and capital than the panels, many are eager to capture this value.
But capturing this value means having to make technological choices that are not yet industry staples. All along the supply chain, many questions need to be answered: how many miniLEDs, at what size, how many zones, how many drivers, what kind of driving, what technology complexity for the miniLED chips and the driver chips, how is the optical stack assembled in the backlight unit, does it depend on the underlying chips, and so on. And overall, given the choices made, does it really bring LCD performance closer to OLED?
Yole Group took the matter to heart and aimed at providing our customers with a combined analysis that cannot be found elsewhere. We acquired four different miniLED LCDs * and analyzed them in detail. For each of them, you will find two types of reports:

  • A technology, process, and cost report powered by Yole SystemPlus
  • A performance report powered by PISÉO and Yole Group’s partner DXOMark

The technology, process, and cost report will provide you with information on the miniLED chips, the driving structure, the process flows, and associated estimated costs with the help of SEM images.
The performance report will provide you with information on the display itself (contrast, color, etc.) as experienced by a traditional consumer, straight out of the box. But in addition, the LCD stack is analyzed layer by layer, and the optical performance is measured to ascertain the complete optical stack design.

Overall, miniLED backlight LCDs are expected to grow at a 27% CAGR, as explained in the technology and market report published last summer and powered by Yole Intelligence. So, for any company interested in entering this high-opportunity market, the abovementioned technology and performance reports are must-haves, not to be overlooked.

The selected displays are:

optical transceivers 2022 cover BD

Technology, Process and Cost


Performance and optical construction analysis


Mini-LED Backlight Unit in neo QLED TV Samsung
Visual Performance and Optical Construction Analysis


MiniLED Backlight Unit in the Apple iPad Pro 12
Visual Performance and Optical Construction Analysis

For a deeper market and industrial ecosystem trends analysis, take a look at the latest YINT MiniLED report: MiniLED 2022: LCD Backlights and Direct View LCD Displays:

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